Chiang Mai City

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Chiang Mai City

Chiang Mai City, Our Home!

We are a clothing manufacturer, designer and retailer based in the amazing city of Chiang Mai, northern Thailand

Chiang Mai is the largest city in northern Thailand with a population of 127,000. Our province is situated 700 km north of the capital Bangkok with easy access by road or rail

The city is surrounded by mountains with spectacular views and is overlooked by ‘Wat Doi Suthep’ which sits at an impressive elevation of 3,445 ft

Chiang Mai City, like many other parts of Thailand also has many Buddhist temples and historical ruins including a square moat with ancient walls surrounding the Old City

Handmade Cotton Clothes

Cotton is the most commonly used fiber in Thai Weaving and is an essential crop for the continuity of the textile industry

Locally grown cotton has a lower yield, coarser threads and is perfect for weaving textiles

Our products which range from traditional to modern-day garments are made by skilled artisan workers. They are long lasting and have good breathability enabling all season wear

Thai cotton has a unique place in our culture and the high quality has made it famous throughout the world

Rayon is another extremely popular fabric. This is used for many of our garments and is in high demand because of its variety of bright colors and soft silky texture

Alongside textiles, Chiang Mai City also boasts excellent handicrafts, wood carvings, silverware, jewelry, speciality paper products, ceramics & bamboo items

One Tambon One Product OTOP

Tambon stands for sub-district. It is a local entrepreneurship program which aims to support the unique locally-made products of each Tambon throughout Thailand

Village-made one tambon one product (OTOP) products are artistically designed and selected for promotion because of their quality and export potential

Lotus Cotton supports such programs and work abiding by ‘Fair Trade Clothing’ rules and principles

Since the start of our operation we have built up our family run business into an immensely popular local and online store. We are continually striving to add to our inventory as we continue to grow.

Have a nice day,

‘The Lotus Cotton Team’


The Answers To Your FAQs

How Can I Retain The Crinkle Look Of My New Garment?2020-05-14T14:53:54+07:00

After washing and when completely dry, twist into a skein, secure with an elastic band and store

How Can I Be Sure Of Ordering The Correct Size?2020-05-14T14:55:17+07:00

Every description includes the size guide of that particular item, including waist and length. On many items, the size and height of the model is given so you will have a good idea if the garment is right for you

What Are The Washing & Care Instructions For My New Garment?2020-05-14T14:57:13+07:00

We highly recommend you initially wash your new item separately to ensure there are no excess dyes. Also, it is a good idea to wash before first use! Garments are best left to drip-dry and, if desired, iron on a cool setting

When Can I Expect To Receive My Order?2020-05-14T14:58:32+07:00

DHL Express – 3-5 days 

Economy Shipping  – Post Office (e-packet) 4-9 days 

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